Motorola Droid X Smartphone All Set for Release on June 23

Motorola, Verizon Wireless and Google are all set to reveal the Motorola Droid X smartphone in New York City on June 23. That's just one day ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4 making its debut in the market.

Analysts talk about the increase of the big-screen and smartphones and the likelihood of the iPhone 4 postponements, which can prompt the customers to go for the Droid X or any other Android gadget.

As Apple and AT&T manage system breakdowns, unnecessary charges and implicated shipments for the iPhone 4, opponents in the Android canopy are preparing for yet another broadly-expected release.

In securing an unparalleled 600,000 preorders, the iPhone 4 has been postponed for those who pre-booked it till July 14 that is nearer to the time when Verizon is anticipated to introduce its Droid X gadget.

Verizon is flaunting the Droid X on its website, pledging that the 4.3-inch display gadget is equipped to shoot 720p and provide HDMI output for high-definition video play. This will answer the iPhone 4's HD video and 720p abilities.

Engadget said that the smartphone will have Google's Android 2.1 operating system and sport a FWVGA 854 x 480-resolution screen to escort the huge display.

Forrester Research Analyst, Charles Golvin said, “The trend is simply toward greater diversity in smartphone form factors, some with big screens, some with keyboards and some at the low end to lure in those with messaging phones".