Controversy over Obama’s Health Care Plan

This spring witnessed the passage of the health care bill. However, there is still not much stability in the health system as there are frequent fights among the policymakers. This increases the chances of disaster before a health care safety provision is introduced by the Law, in the year 2014.

There is still a lot of skepticism over the law, which President Obama signed three months ago. The present scenario does not seem very positive as the States are planning to reduce their health care budget for the poor in the wake of financial crisis.

Also, many unemployed people in the country who depended on the Government's help for health insurance will not get the coverage in the coming times. The reason behind it is that the special assistance program will run out of time, soon.

Those people who are already employed have their own problems as employers are finding methods to get health benefits and are consequently shifting more cost to their employees.

Many Americans are facing the impact of rise in health care prices as they have to pay higher premiums.

The Heads of Consumer Group Families USA, Ron Pollack, reveals that if the financial system does not improve considerably then they are planning to hold back for a while.