Paul McCartney’s Doesn’t Let Fame Get to His Head

Paul McCartney might be one of the best and famous musicians in the industry, but while giving an exclusive interview, he told that even he was sent off, while he went to enter a talent contest that took place in Welsh.

He spoke about the teenage trip he went to in North Wales and that he would never let fame ever come in between the relationship that he has with his loved ones.

He is without a doubt the world’s most famous and we’ll known musician, who has enjoyed every bit of his success that has touched the heights that is beyond people’s wildest dreams.

One ambition that tops his list at the moment is playing in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Although, he has played in a number of big arenas but he said that he has had his eyes on that one and is keen to play there.

It definitely has been a long term ambition of his to perform at a place like that one.

McCartney’s approaching performance has been immensely anticipated by his Welsh fans, since particulars were proclaimed in the former parts of this year.

Part of his 2010 Up And Coming tour, which has already been performed in places such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Mexico City, it’s the ex- Beatle’s first show in Wales, since Cardiff’s 1975 show with Wings.