Senators Promote Casinos in Massachusetts

Senators in Massachusetts are trying to find support for their plans to legalize three casinos in the state. They argue these steps will help generate revenues worth $1.8 billion every year, apart from creating 14,000 permanent jobs.

A study has already been commissioned, which supports these steps. The study was done by the Innovation Group and it also provides services to other states. Some of the biggest casino operators include Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., Wynn Resorts, and Trump Hotels & Casinos, who have also supported these measures.

It was claimed by the Senators that opening casinos in Eastern, Southeastern, and Western Massachusetts will allow the state to generate a lot of revenue and also help it to get nearly $1 billion, which the gamblers of the state spend in other states, while gambling at casinos.

Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg pointed that growing large casinos in the state will allow it to increase its competitive ability and can also lead to a substantial increase in revenue, as well as, more jobs.

But people who oppose these measures feel that the report fails to look at the negative aspects of gambling including increase in foreclosures, bankruptcy and crime rates. They feel that the state will have to pay a high cost for these steps.

Supporters of these measures argue that the revenue generated through casinos will help decrease the chronic budget problems of the state.