Reading No Bad Reviews of Herself: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is surely growing into a mature woman, as the 17 year old talks about the expansion of her upcoming album, titled Cant' Be Tamed, for which she has had to take on criticism coming from a certain type of people stating that she is trying to be too old at this age of hers.

However, this 17 year old teen celeb had a message to offer to such so called critics that she does not get intimidated by this kind of criticism since she does not show any interest in reading such kind of messages.

She said that she always thinks in positive way. In her family, the kids are allowed to watch only 10 channels because none of the kid's should come across comments like those.

So, whenever people around her bring her all the good news related to her or her career, she is happy enough to go through it, and if it something bad comes, then definitely she avoids reading it.

Claiming that she has no information regarding any gossip going around her or any negative think being talked about her, since it is the responsibility of her team to handle stuff like that and it is also maintained that they do not mention about it in front of her.