Apple Updates Malware Protection: Report

A recent report from security software maker, Sophos has claimed that Apple has updated anti-malware protection in the Mac OS X operating system. Apple has not mentioned about this update information in the release notes and also, not in the security bulletin. This security bulletin was released with Mac OS X 10.6.4 upgrade, this upgrade consist of mysterious security fix.

Grahan Cluley, Sophos Senior Technology Consultant has posted in his blog that Apple has silently fixed Mac’s malware protection to damage a Trojan horse. The Trojan virus can let the hackers to operate an iMac or MacBook from distant.

The XProtect Plist by Apple consists of basic signatures of Mac threats, in order to detect HellRTS. Hackers have always been masking HellRTS as iPhoto, which is photo-editing program of Mac.

If a MacBook is infected by this malware, this can lead to many attacks possibilities, like capturing of screenshots of user activities by the hackers, and accessibility to files.

Apple has not given any comment on the information.

To fix the security patches quietly is not something new in technology world and Apple is not the only one in this list. Microsoft had also made security fixes for their software’s. Recently, Core Security Technologies had disclosed Redmond's security patches.