Restriction Orders for Striking Extended by Court

The temporary ban, that restricted thousands of nurses form going on a strike at the University of California hospitals and student health centers, has been extended till the final negotiations.

This ruling was given by a San Francisco County Superior Court Judge, Peter J. Busch, who earlier issued orders for barring the nurses from striking, as the strike will affect the public and will be against the law. These restriction orders were issued on June 8 and were requested by the California Public Employment Relations Board, which is a state regulatory agency supervising public employee relation.

The orders were extended on Friday; meanwhile the union is negotiating its contract, as it was due to expire in September.

Lynn Tierney, a Spokeswoman for the University System shared that the extension will help in averting the strike and the problems will be solved with peaceful negotiations without affecting the work.

On the other hand, officials for the California Nurses Association said that just like the Association did in 2005, the order of the judge will be completely considered.

It was earlier planned, that about 12,000 nurses will be striking on June 10 at five hospitals of the University following the collapse of contract negotiations in August.

The members asking for strike said that hospitals were putting the patients at a higher risk as they make the nurses work even at the time of their breaks.