BT workers votes on strike action

Telecoms giant BT is facing strike as the Communication Workers Union (CWU) are balloting workers to decide about industrial action.

BT is offering a pay rise of 2 per cent, while the CWU is demanding an increase of 5 per cent in pay for this year. Discussions between the management and union over pay rise collapsed last week and is now expected that more than 50,000 CWU members will vote to walk out.

Union’s deputy general secretary Andy Kerr warned that they were ready to organise a lengthy strike to get their demands fulfilled.

Speaking on the topic, he said, “If it takes quite a period of time of industrial action for the company to see sense, we are prepared as a union to go down that route.”

Meanwhile, BT has urged the CWU to postpone their balloting plans and return to discussions to hit a settlement over the issue.

IF CWU members votes in favor of industrial action, it will be their first strike since 1987.