Microsoft hits search deal with Opera Software

Microsoft has hit a deal with rival Opera Software to get its search engine Bing incorporated into the most recent version of the Opera web browser- Opera 10.60.

Bing, which can be seen as the default search engine in the latest version of Opera 10.60, will also reportedly be incorporated into future versions of Opera web browser.

Commenting on the topic, Microsoft Bing GM Jon Tinter said, "It's great to see Bing as a choice within another of the major browser products out there, and we hope all you Opera fans out there will go get the beta and give Bing a try."

The development is rather surprising as Microsoft and Opera were at loggers head in the recent past. Opera had complained to EU that Microsoft’s move of bundling Internet Explorer with Windows was hurting competition. Concerned complaint by Opera had sparked a probe that eventually forced Microsoft to allow users to download other web browsers.

It is worth-mentioning that Opera didn't mention Bing when it announced Opera 10.60, which arrived on Wednesday.