Children Aged Five Should Be Given Sex Education: NICE

The Government's Controversial Health watchdog, NICE has said that sex education should be started at the age of five.

The national Institute for Clinical Excellence will write to all the primary schools that they should begin teaching the 5 years old students about sex. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence supplies medicine to the NHS.

NICE has stated that in order to reduce the teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, this practice should be started.

The statement will suggest the teachers that their students should know about the importance of mutually rewarding sexual relationships. This draft guideline of NICE, if applied will force the teachers to start sex education at a very young age.

English schools don't have sex education as a compulsory subject and it is also the discretion of parents whether or not they want their kids to attend the sex education classes.

Currently, the science element of the sex education is compulsory in the schools, this subject teaches about the reproduction systems in humans and the process of baby making.

According to the Department for Education, children aged from five to seven should be taught the names of body parts, changes in the body, with age. This also suggests that the kids should be taught about the difference between right and wrong, and the relationships in a family.