Great Expectations to Have Long Lasting Career: Megan Fox

Sometimes, it is really hard to understand that Megan Fox's well-known place in the pop-culture discussion only dates back to her 2007 breakout role, as Mikaela Banes in Director Michael Bay's movie, Transformers.

Since then, she has made appearances in four films and has two more accomplished projects on the way, which includes this weekend's Jonah Hex. And if Fox has her way in the future, she will be seen all around on the big screen for many more years to come.

She said in an interview that if her luck is good, probably she will not have to struggle much in keeping her career going the way it is in the longer run.

She said that although she has committed herself to the world of entertainment business, yet it is up to the world to maintain that special place for her.

The world will let her survive seeing her sensual personality and all the gossips that come up along with whatever she does. On the other hand, pretty much the lady thinks that she is not at all provocative by personality and that she is misinterpreted.

She said that people like to turn simple things into something provocative for their own good.