Corryn to Make Things Tough for Kagan

According to a recent report, John Cornyn, a Senator of Texas, has said something absurd regarding Elena Kagan, a Supreme Court nominee.

He had said that "most Americans" want a fair judicial experience.

He had also said that Kagan is less educated in comparison with Harriet Miers, who was once elected as the President of State Bar of Texas and also served as a White House Counsel to President Bush. Kagan had been a Solicitor General earlier and also served as the Dean of Harvard Law School.

He had also said that by being in favor of finance restraints, Kagan had shown "disregard" for her job. The Congress had passed these restrictions, which were later signed into a law by President Bush.

Corryn was of the view that Kagan should be strongly questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee on June28th when hearings for her confirmation will take place.

Corryn, a Republican, had asked tough questions earlier when President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor. He is not on the top of the list of 19 members of the Senate Committee who probe the nominees but still he may pose some difficult questions to Kagan.

In the hearings, the Senators ask questions from the nominee regarding current social issues while nominees make their best efforts to avoid controversies.