Vuvuzelas Disturbs Everyone at FIFA WC 2010

The commentators at the FIFA world Cup this year have been complaining of the strange noise of the vuvuzelas, urging the authorities to do something in this regard.

As many as 554 viewers have registered their complaints regarding the vuvuzela noise at the BBC station. They said that it is an unnecessary nuisance and disturbs the momentum of the game.

The viewers are also complaining that due to the horn, they miss the commentary.

The issue is being widely discussed everywhere in media. All the newspapers, bloggers as well as social networking sites are witnessing debates over it.

On top of everything, even the players dislike the sound. Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portugal player, said that the noise alters his concentration in the game. In addition, the Frenchmen said that they lost the game on Friday partly because the noise disturbed them.

The organizers of the event in South Arica, however, have refuted to do away with the horn. Following this, a number of networks, including Sky Deutschland and Canal Plus, have initiated the move of fading off the noise in the telecast.

“The viewers loved it, we got thank you calls, which never happens. Usually people only call in if they want to complain”, said Sky Spokesperson.