45 Human Heads Found in Flight Cargo

It was shocking for all the passengers and the airport authorities to find three boxes full of 45 human heads in a Southwest Airlines cargo last week at the Little Rock National Airport. It was then known that the heads were for a medical laboratory in Fort Worth and were to be used for training neurosurgeons there.

After the heads were found by Southwest Airlines cargo worker, Whitney Eichinger, a Southwest Spokeswoman said that the incident is surprising.

It is known that usually body parts for medical purposes are transported by air, but in this case the boxes were not properly labeled on the Southwest flight and, therefore, the airline informed the local authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Then, the aviation agency investigator concluded that JLS Consulting Group LLC did not violate any law related to the transportation of hazardous materials.

Pulaski County coroner's office in Little Rock, on the other hand, questioned the legality of Company.

According to JLS website, the Company is into conducting medical education and research services.

Also, Arkansas secretary of state's online database, said that the business license of the Company was cancelled last year.

Natasha Naragon, a Spokeswoman for the Secretary of State, said the license cancellation resulted from the incapability of the Company to pay its state franchise taxes and to surrender proper documents.