ASA bans Vodafone’s “Sure Signal” advert

A Vodafone advert claiming that "Only Vodafone can guarantee mobile signal in your home" has been banned by the UK advertising watchdog, the ASA.

The ASA ruled that Vodafone's claims about its Sure Signal femtocell device were misleading.

Vodafone's femtocell device claims to give better indoor coverage of 3G mobile phone signals, which prove sometimes problematic to receive when inside the office or home.

But the advert, which showed a man leaning out of a window to get reception on his mobile phone, for the device attracted complaints from rival network providers as well as some consumers.

The ASA upheld four complaints out of the total seven and said that Vodafone did not make it clear that consumers would need broadband connections with speeds of 1Mbps to operate the service.

The advertising watchdog said in its ruling, "Vodafone did not control the availability and performance of the broadband connection, the claim to 'guarantee' a signal was unsubstantiated and likely to mislead."

Vodafone has been ordered not to use the advert in its current form again.