Stephen Fry Criticizes Doc Who

Comic Stephen Fry has said that `Doctor Who' is a show for children. This comment of Fry has raised the fury of millions of Doctor Who fans.

Fry criticized the BBC over promotions of shows like Doctor Who and Merlin. He said that boasting about these programs is fine, but they should not be promoted as adult programs when they are children shows. He said that the problem with the show is its infantilism.

Stephen has said that BBC provokes the viewers. He has also criticized the BBC rules where a character in spy drama had to wear a seatbelt while he was busy saving London.

These comments by Fry are made in a Question & Answer session, after giving the Bafta Television Lecture.

The writer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, has hit Stephen Fry, back and said that the show is for all the family. He said that the show cannot be compared with junk food. The writer made all these comments about Fry while speaking at the screening of the first part of the grand finale of Doctor Who.

Steven also said that Fry is one of the fans of Doctor Who and he has just joked about the show.