Experts Reveal Serious Threats to Cyber Security in U.S

Experts have warned the Federal Government that there can be increasing threats to the cyber security of the country.

The report was given by the Department of Homeland Security's inspector on Wednesday. It stated that the agency responsible for providing security to the residential computers and information networks does not have an adequate staff. It also disclosed that the agency does not have the power to order the Government organizations to guard their systems.

Stewart Baker, former DHS Official, revealed to the House Homeland Security Committee that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gives an important message to the people, who are devising plans for cyber security.

He said that if they were aware of situation then they would have asked the Government and the industry to take appropriate action. He further added that they face the similar situation when it comes to cyber security.

Rep. Jane Harman expressed his fears about the situation saying that there is a possibility that several broken networks are giving away important information. This information may be in regard to infrastructure, national security and important personal or financial data.

He further added that it could be even more shocking than the environmental hazards we are viewing on our television sets.