Debate over Spending Bill in Senate

Democratic leaders are divided over the issue of giving support to the Legislation for a Bill, which focuses on increasing the benefits to the unemployed people. This will restrict the Bill’s affect on the deficit as it reduces the capacity of having a new tax on saving managers.

Max Baucus, Senate Finance Chairman, revealed about the alterations, a few hours after a test vote depicted apprehension among both parties regarding the comprehensive legislation.

The Bill will be instrumental in recovering the unemployment benefits which had failed earlier. It will also give help to the states which are facing a financial crunch and will restore some tax breaks that had expired by the end of the year 2009.

However, a bureaucratic matter that in fact became a referendum on the legislation, failed on a 52 to 45 vote. Thus, it was not able to lure a simple majority of the Senate.

As it lacked the backing of the leaders, the Democrats shifted to give payment advantages to the unemployed people.

Senator Baucus seemed optimistic that the move would enhance support between Democrats and some Republicans. Thus, if the Bill is able to garner sufficient support, it will be passed by the Senate. Mr. Baucus is of the view that the Bill will get above 60 votes, which it requires to move to the next stage.