Survey Finds 15% Americans Without Health Insurance

According to a survey conducted by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a number of Americans are living without any health insurances since last few years.

The report suggested that nearly 15.4% Americans didn't subscribe to any health insurance plan in 2009, in contrast to 14.7% a year earlier.

According to CDC, in 2009 as many as 46.3 million people had been living without any health insurance subscription, with the number rising from that in 2008.

Those lacking in the health insurance plans included nearly 6 million children aged below 18 years.

A new policy to be released by the Government will allow the youngsters to avail the health insurance, funded by their parents for a relatively longer period.

The plan will be enforced in 2014, providing insurance to more than 32 million citizens across the country.

However, the figures released by CDC are different from that produced by the U. S. Census Bureau. According to the estimations of the latter, nearly 46.3 million people didn't have insurance protection in 2008.

Fortunately, almost all the citizens aged above 65 years have been availing the health insurance benefits in the country at present, said the researchers.