Enough Evidence Against Dr. Patel

There is sufficient evidence against Dr. Jayant Patel in the Brisbane manslaughter trial and the jury is expected to take a decision soon.

The lead prosecutor, Ross Martin, has confirmed that he is working on his final address to the jury.

Dr. Patel has already pleaded not guilty to all the charges, including three manslaughter cases apart from causing grievous harm to Ian Vowles.

Two expert witnesses who were called by the prosecution also testified against Dr. Patel. One of the witnesses, Dr. John Allsop, confirmed that he would never have tried to perform an oesophagectomy on Mr. Phillips due to his bad health condition. The other expert had conceded that performing an oesophagectomy is even more complex than a heart transplant.

Mr. Martin conceded that the jury has a lot of evidence against Dr. Patel apart from the testimony of the expert witnesses.