Doctor Who Actress Reveals Details of This Week’s Penultimate Episode

Doctor Who actress, Karen Gillan has spilled out the details concerning this week's penultimate episode.

Gillan, Amy Pond, in details gave explanation that The Pandorica Opens, which will see the Doctor, Matt Smith, receive an appalling word of warning, will mark his worst nightmare.

She further said that it starts with the Doctor saying that he would take Amy to the very first planet that has existed; however, when they reach the spot they find a message from River Song, Alex Kingston.

The message then as if rings alarm bells for the Doctor and after that they find River dressed exactly as Cleopatra.

There is more to it. The two episodes are actually frightening, and of course, it is mostly because there is the Doctor's worst nightmare involved in the series.

The Pandorica Opens, which is the first part of the series closing moments, is set to be aired on Saturday at 6.45 p.m. on BBC One.