Green Spaces are More Good for Men

A recent study has shown that men who reside near green places have less chances of dying from heart and lung problems.

The death rate for those men is 10% lesser than those staying in the built up places, however, researchers have also said that the living areas don’t make any effect or differences to women’s health conditions.

Dr. Elizabeth Richardson from Edinburg University has said that they are not assured of the reason that makes the difference effective for men and women.

"But we know that women tend to use green spaces less than men and are less likely to exercise in them - particularly if it doesn't feel safe”, said Dr. Elizabeth.

The report is published in the Journal Social Science and Medicine. The study took the statistics of 29 million working age adults and also measured the factors like wealth and the levels of pollution in the air.

Professor Richard Mitchell of the University of Glasgow’s Public Health and Health Policy Department led the study. According to him, the results of the study are astonishing as it makes the effects of green spaces different for women and men.

The researchers have said the policy makers of the country should plan to save the green area as they are good for health.