Kylie is Happy with Beau Andres

Kylie, 42, has been seeing Spanish model, Andres Velencoso, 32, for around 18 months after a string of failed affairs.

The devoted diva has always made it apparent how significant her career is and confesses that her perfectionist disposition leaves her open to anxiety.

Fortunately, she says that Andres is extremely understanding and has been a source of serenity, now that she’s occupied promoting her new album Aphrodite.

Kylie told Grazia magazine that the huge difference in their bond now is that he has noticed what she is like when she is working.

She added, “I’ve gone from being relaxed to going into full-on-Kylie-at-work mode, having meltdowns every few hours and freaking out and him having to deal with it. He just looks at me wide-eyed and says, ‘Hey calm down. Nothing’s a problem’”.

Recently, there were rumuors that the duo’s relationship was going through a rough patch and that Andres is under stress to be a support to the starlet as she set out on a series of high-status appearances.

Kylie has strongly snubbed the reports and has expressed her displeasure that her reviewers often appear to wish that her relationships shouldn’t be successful.

She remarked that she is in a beautiful relationship, which makes her unbelievably happy.