More Alien Planets Discovered

European CoRoT satellite and NASA's Kepler spacecraft have confirmed that there are six more planets existing beyond our solar system. Till date, the CoRoT team has declared the existence of 15 planets. This team has detected CoRoT-7b, a "lava planet”, which is five times more than Earth.

The new six planets discovered are bigger than CoRoT-7b, but all these planets are different from each other. A brown dwarf is also found, this brown object is so big that it cannot be considered as a planet and it’s too small to be considered a star.

"Each of these planets is interesting in its own right, but what is really fascinating is how diverse they are", said Oxford University's Suzanne Aigrain, a Co-Investigator in the research team.

He has also said that there is much more information which is yet to be confirmed about these planets.

According to Magali Deleuil of France's Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, all the scientists keep working to find out that how the new planets are evolved and formed.

Astronomers earlier had said that they were expecting to discover many new worlds. This week’s first big data from the Kepler Mission has certainly added to their expectations. The scientists have said that 706 assuring predictions are listed for exoplanet Discoveries. Till date, this list comprises 460 extra-solar planets.