Online Order Placement of iPhone 4 Encounters Errors

In the wake of the complaints coming in over the problems in Apple’s largest provider of iPhone, i. e. the AT&T, the company has witnessed another round of troubles when the customers seeking order placement for its iPhone 4 encountered error messages on the site on Tuesday.

The cause of these error messages appearing on the screens of the customers hasn’t been determined as yet. Apple is suffering immense embarrassment as the customers are posting their difficulty on social networking sites.

To add to the troubles, a number of customers wrote at Gizmodo that when they tried to access AT&T’s site, the site opened the accounts of a number of its members unknown to them.

AT&T spokesman, Mark Siegal said that the company is scrutinizing these errors.

“We have been unable to replicate the issue, but the information displayed did not include call-detail records, Social Security numbers or credit card information”, he added.

Tom Lustig, Data Analyst, told that he couldn’t at all access the sites of Apple and AT&T even when he tried several times. He said that the problem is too common these days among nearly all the network users.