IBM rolls out augmented reality app for Wimbledon tennis fans

IBM has launched a new app for the iPhone and Android smartphones that brings augmented reality to the upcoming Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The new app, called IBM Seer, offers an interactive map and real-time guide to the tournament. It brings the latest scores as well as information about transport directly to the user.

The app can also locate a user’s exact position and overlay live video of the action on nearby courts. It also provides users with useful information such as where to get food, where toilets are situated and other general information.

Commenting on the new app, IBM’s strategic brand manager Alan Flack said, "There are a lot of potential uses for this technology, such as delivering real-time traffic updates, hotel information or other general city information as part of IBM's Smarter City concept.”

The IBM Seer app will be available from 21st of June, the starting day of tournament. Apple iPhone users can get the app via iTunes App Store, while Android users can have it through the Android Market.