Climate protesters go on trial for disrupting flights at Aberdeen Airport

Nine climate change protestors, five men and four women, have gone on trial after they disrupted flights at Aberdeen airport.

They are accused of breach of the peace and vandalism. Police said they cut a security fence and prevented take-offs and landing of flights.

The Court was told that the nine protestors set up a barricade at the Aberdeen Airport and started playing a game of mini-golf on the asphalt to protest against the environmental damage being caused by flying.

A BAA security staff member Claire Sandison told the court, "I found a group of people piecing together fencing with bolts.”

Several protesters are accused of climbing onto the airport terminal, causing vandalism to the roof.

The jury was also shown pictures of some of the protestors who climbed onto the airport terminal, causing damage to the roof. The protestors hung a banner from the terminal building which read: "Nae Trump Games with Climate Change."

It is worth-mentioning here that the Conservative-Liberal Democrats government has already cancelled third runway at Heathrow Airport as the expansion plan was being sternly opposed.