Frozen Payments for Staff: BBC’s Decision

The BBC has called upon itself an angry response from the broadcasting unions by bringing a proposal of freezing the pay of all workers who make earning of no less than £38,000 a year with even lower-paid employees receiving a pay increase of as little as 1.2%.

Union Chiefs from Bectu, the NUJ and Unite, led by Bectu’s General Secretary, Gerry Morrissey, have claimed a minimum pay increase across the board of 7.3%.

BBC pay has come under concentrated inspection in recent months, with the revelation that 382 of the corporation’s senior employees earn more than £100,000 each year. The BBC Trust has placed an objective for the lessening of senior pay by 25% during the following three years.

However, Mr. Morrissey said that he could not take into consideration the proposal, which was absolutely deplorable and left open the likelihood of industrial action if concord cannot be reached where it needs to.

The projected freeze would have an effect on almost a third of the BBC’s workers, with the remaining two-thirds those making earnings of no more than £37,726 a year receiving a flat-rate pay increase of £475.

The pay increase for more junior employees would add almost £10million a year to the BBC’s on hand pay bill of just more than £1billion.