Would-be Governors Criticized Dysfunction in Budget Stalemate

The dysfunction fascinating the Capitol in the usual budget deadlock has been criticized by Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman. But they have failed to offer a solution to closing the $19.1-billion deficit. They both are talking about the state's lack of fiscal discipline, marveling at incompetence in the Capitol.

As the state staggers on the familiar path toward budget stalemate, the would-be governors convey disappointment at the internal strife, shock at the inaction and condemnation at the influence of special interests.

The legislators, aides and governor's staff often grumble that if the candidates see better options for fixing the confusion, now is time to step forward with them. These people have been working long hours to come up with comprehensive proposals that would manage the problem.

Democratic Political Analyst, Darry Sragow said, “The budget is a lose-lose for the candidates. Do you want to lose your left arm or your right arm?' It is not a discussion you want to have with the patient when you are trying to get them to hire you”.

Three detailed budget plans are circulating in Sacramento, each reflecting a different vision of the ways to avoid a government shutdown.