SeaMicro's New Server Comprises 512 Low-Power Atom Processors

SeaMicro declared on Monday that it has created a server, which sports 512 low-power Intel Atom processors on small motherboards, the size of credit cards.

Atom processors are more frequently used in netbooks, but SeaMicro's CEO, Andrew Feldman says that they can be much more power-competent compared to x86 chips for some cloud and Web business workloads. Such transactions are likely to be minor in size, but more in volume.

Feldman said that present day's servers are incompetent on lesser workloads.

He said that high-performance chips such as Intel's Xeon and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron are competent at operating conventional project workloads like database applications.

But he thinks that a compilation of little Atom cores offers improved performance-per-watt in the cloud.

Feldman said, "Atom turns out to be good at ordinary problems and not great at hard problems. The Internet is all about ordinary problems".

Other retailers have also been moving to substitute, low-power chips in servers. Dell has developed servers using Via Technology's Nano processor for few of its cloud consumers, and Microsoft's research group has created some tentative Atom-based servers.

SeaMicro devised its novel server, dubbed the SM10000, with as little constituents as feasible to save on space and decrease power ingestion.