Ted Kennedy Got Several Death Threats: FBI

The FBI has revealed that late Senator Edward Kennedy, the brother of President John F. Kennedy Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy, received numerous death threats after the assassination of both his brothers.

The files, which were released on Monday, also highlighted the efforts of the Kennedy family to challenge the rumors of his links with the Communists.

Ted Kennedy died in August 2009, at the age of 77, following a prolonged illness from brain cancer. The 2,200 pages of the archives on Kennedy revealed that he was on the brink of threats and extortion schemes.

Continuing the legacy of his brothers, Ted Kennedy, a Senator from Massachusetts, worked on the development of healthcare and civil rights.

Reports claim that from the threats received handful were from non-political parties, some from radical groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist White People's Party.

As per the FBI investigations, federal prisoner in Soledad, California, Sirhan Sirhan, who had killed Robert Kennedy, also attempted to hire the prisoner, once he was released, in order to kill Edward Kennedy.

As quoted in the document dated Nov 29, 1977, "He advised during this time (that) subject offered him one million dollars and a car in exchange for killing Senator Kennedy ... he advised he declined the contract".

Further, other documents were also unveiled, all of which highlighted the attempts of the family against the allegation that Ted had relations with the Communists.