Rescuers Suspected to Be Exposed to HIV, Urged to Seek Medical Advice

Health authorities are revealed to caution the emergency crews and people who assisted the victims of a car accident that took place in central Queensland last week, claiming that they may have been exposed to HIV.

Two cars were reported to collide head on near a shopping centre on Shute Harbour Road at Cannonvale at 6.45pm (AEST) on Thursday.

The accident engulfed the male driver, who was declared to be dead on the spot, while the female driver of the other car was cut from her vehicle and rushed to Mackay Base Hospital. She is cited to suffer from some spinal injuries.

The wearing emerged as the man was believed to be HIV-positive.

However, Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jeannette Young did not confirm the man's HIV status, but has advised anyone present at the accident spot to immediately seek medical advice.

"In general, if an individual has been exposed to HIV, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can be taken after exposure to prevent infection”, she urged.

In addition, she insisted that anyone who was involved at the scene of this road accident and had not yet fetched a medical assistance should contact Proserpine Hospital.