A Liver Made in a Laboratory

Medical experts are very excited with reports that it has now become easier to grow a liver in the laboratory. Researchers have been successful in creating a piece of liver tissue in the laboratory, which is able to function like a normal liver when grafted into the body of an animal.

But the researchers who conducted this experiment feel that more research is needed before the technique can be successfully replicated in human beings. They admitted that an important start was made but it is still too early to feel happy.

Experts feel that if these experiments prove successful, it can help save thousands of people who lose their lives without a liver. Many people across the world die as they do not get a liver to replace their weak livers.

Researchers agree that even though liver cells can be developed in a lab, it is very challenging to develop working tissues, as building a liver in a laboratory is very difficult.

There is a severe shortage of liver donors and people requiring liver transplants have to wait for a long time. In many cases, these people die for the want of healthy livers.

Experts feel that it will still take a long time to implement these techniques and a lot of things need to be addressed before a liver grown in a lab can be successfully used in human beings.

Researchers who conducted this experiment admitted that a step in the correct direction has already been taken.