Michelle Obama Highlights the Military Service Members’ Problems at Camp Pendleton

Michelle Obama, the wife of US President, at the Camp Pendleton on Sunday stated that military families’ and the fighters’ contributions and the problems faced by them should be known to every citizen. She posed a challenge to every American saying that everyone should find out a way for helping the service members and their family members.

Obama first met the injured service members and their families in person, at the Marine Corps base. After this she gave a speech addressing about 3,500, including the troops from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force located at the base near Oceanside.

She said that considering the dedication and work that service members and families do for the country, it becomes an equal responsibility for the nation to take care of them, not only presently but for the years to come.

This Camp Pendleton trip was part of the Obama’s drive to underline the issue of challenges faced by the military army and their families, as one of important issues she took up as the First Lady.

It was highlighted in the speech that people fighting for the country abroad suffer a number of losses, including birth of a child, wedding anniversaries and holidays at home. Also, children in such a family live with a fear of losing their parent.

A website, icasualties.org., stated that since 2001, 1,114 U.S. troops were killed in the war in Afghanistan, 4,405 in Iraq and many were severely injured.