Jalan Kayu Residents Enjoy a Bigger Gathering Place

The Jalan Kayu Hall, which took over a year to be built, will now facilitate a bigger gathering place for Jalan Kayu residents where they can conduct their community activities such as weddings and sports.

The hall features three badminton courts and a tuition centre. The hall was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday.

The $3-million hall, an extension of Hwi Yoh Community Centre, is located at the void deck of Block 535, Serangoon North Avenue 4.

In addition, yesterday, PM Lee unveiled the Wellness Programme in Jalan Kayu with a motto to assist the old people to maintain proper health with the aid of health screenings, and stay active both physically and socially by indulging in activities such as taiji and folk dance.

It is reported that nearly 500 residents have already enrolled for the programme.

It initiated as a pilot programme in 12 constituencies over the past two years, and is revealed to have proved advantageous to nearly 17,000 people.

Both young as well as old are advised to come forward and use the new facilities.

"Everybody will grow old at some point. But by growing old, it doesn't mean you have to be inactive. There are many things you can do, many ways you can enjoy life", PM Lee quoted.