Geneticists Warn Parents of the Ill- Effects of Fertility Treatments

In an eye-opening finding, it has been revealed that fertility treatments have adverse birth effects and all the parents should be warned of the same.

In one of the largest study of its kind, it was highlighted that test-tube babies are more prone to suffer from birth defects, as against the children who are born naturally.

Further, the babies which are conceived through IVF have a considerable risk of being born with heart problems and malformed reproductive systems.

In the wake of such grave findings, the geneticists are urging that all the doctors should warn the couples, who are considering having children through the fertilization treatment.

In the study, the scientists in France examined the records for over 15,000 children who were born by using the treatment in 33 fertility centers.

Following the examination of the records, it was established that more than 4% of the children born suffered from some sort of major congenital malformation.

According to Dr. Géraldine Viot, a Clinical Geneticist at the Maternité Port Royal hospital in Paris, "We found a major congenital malformation in 4.24% of the children compared with the 2-3% that we had expected from previous published studies of the general population".

Though Dr. Viot claimed that more information was needed to establish the same, however, he urged that the malformations are "a public health issue".

Explaining the gravity of the problem, Dr. Voit said that it is vital that all the doctors, as well as the politicians, are informed about the same.