New Leaders to be Chosen by UAW This Week

It has been reported that the union at the United Auto Workers have decided to reunite once again after they got beaten-up because of job losses, poor earnings and shutting down of work.

They will meet in an event to be held at Detroit to choose new union head. According to the sources, the union is planning to choose Bob King as their leader.

The event is going to be held this Wednesday and it is expected that the event will integrate every person of the union and management of the company.

Earlier, the union was wrongfully held liable for the automaker’s setback when they required loans to remain buoyant after the recession in the economy.

The union also got no recognition for which it was worthy of, for helping the automakers to remain in the industry during their bad times.

However, under the leadership of Gettelfinger, the workers were granted about $14 for every hour they worked. The union, under his leadership, also got ready to create a separate fund to take care of the health of the workers after their retirement.

Gettelfinger said, “We became the easy target. But again, we did what we needed to do to save the auto industry and preserve jobs”.