Takes the Onus to Clean Oil From Liberty Pond

Chevron is planning for cleaning the oil that has contaminated Red Butte Creek and Liberty Park Pond. This plan aims at preventing the toxic fall from reaching the Great Salt Lake. The Direction of stream changed early on this weekend, following 10 inches diameter Chevron pipeline leakage. This pipeline was carrying the crude oil from northwestern Colorado’s oil fields.

An oily layer was visible on Jordan River when it was flowing through Rose Park Golf Course; however, scientists have not found any oil layer at a small dam in the lake’s marshlands. This marsh land is seven miles far from the Chevron pipeline.

"That's good news that it hasn't reached the Great Salt Lake”, said DWQ Director, Walt Baker.

About 50 gallons of oil is expected to surge into the stream. Before finally stopping the leakage, about 21,000 gallons of oil was already expected to enter into the Salt Lake City.

Chevron-led investigators carefully examined the concentration of oil accumulation in Liberty Park Pond. The investigators used plastic booms to detain the oil in the smaller portions of the pond so that it would be easier to vacuum from there.

Officials also made their best efforts to keep the birds away from the pond; even then some of the birds entered the pond and were sent to Hogle Zoo for cleaning.

Chevron has taken the full responsibility of cleaning the water.