New Contraceptive ‘ella ‘ Awaits FDA Approval

According to a recent report, a new drug is being offered by French Company, HRA Pharma. The drug is an emergency contraceptive pill and is known as ‘ella’. It is supposed to work much longer than the ‘morning-after pill’.

The Company is waiting for the nod of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America. Then it can market the drug in the country.

This drug will prevent pregnancy five days after having unprotected intercourse or in case of failure of contraceptive.

Chief Executive of HRA Pharma of Paris, Erin Gainer reveals that there is a requirement of an emergency contraceptive pill that works for a longer duration.

This is the only such pill which has been formulated exclusively for use as an emergency contraceptive.

The drug presently used in America is Plan B pill, which is beneficial only up to 72 hours.

The new drug ‘ella’ is available in 22 countries and is in tune with the reproductive health of women.

However, experts are of the view that the chemical component of this drug is similar to pill RU-486, which is an abortion pill. This drug causes a termination in pregnancy for up to nine weeks. Therefore, this drug is receiving an opposition from pro-life groups, as it is a form of abortion and not contraception.

So, it is not good to sell this drug as a contraceptive as this would deceive women, the groups claim.