Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Defends Her Daughter For SCRAM Detection

Rejecting the blames put on her daughter, Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina said that she was not drinking over the weekend and that the detection by SCRAM alcohol-monitoring device trigged because someone had spilled a drink on her.

New York Post’s Page Six cited her mother saying that that while the actress was attending the MTV Awards, somebody mistakenly dropped a drink on her leg and this was caught by the SCRAM bracelet. A judge had instructed the actress to wear an alcohol detecting ankle bracelet for the second time.

She argued that her daughter did nothing wrong and that she should not have been wearing the bracelet as she is perfectly fine.

Earlier, it was revealed on AccessHollywood. com that SCRAM expert AJ Gigler, who is also the Company's national Sales Manager, stated that the device is capable of noting the difference between a spilled drink and the alcohol intake.

Explaining the process, he added that if alcohol is spilled on “something on someone's leg or arm or directly on the device”, it shows a pointed peak as the device records the absorption rate, which is going to be different to drinking and spilling.

It has been reportedly said that the actress has been directed to appear in the next season of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice".