Death Rate Caused by Skin Cancer on the Rise

Official figures have stated that the deaths caused by skin cancer malignment melanoma have grown up by more than one third. The number of deaths has increased from 127 to 171 in a decade. The report took the figures between years 1999 to 2008. In UK, more than 2,000 people die due to skin cancer every year.

The Scottish Government has said that this raise in the death rate focuses on the need for people to save themselves in summer. Older people and children are more vulnerable to these diseases caused by the sun. Doctors have suggested to drink water in abundance and also to stay away from heat and sunshine if possible. Ultra Violet Rays of the sun kill the outer layer of skin and it can also cause the damage in the skin exposed to sun.

There are two types of skin cancers known as melanoma and non- melanoma. More than 67,000 people are detected with melanoma every year in UK.

Melanoma, the other form of skin cancer is more critical form of cancer and can extend to the other body organs also, if not detected and treated early. The spread of the skin cancer to other organs of the body can risk life. Melanoma skin cancer is generally found in the people of 15 to 39 years.