GPs Expected to Take More Workload

There were times when GPs were poorly paid as compared to other medical professionals. It was earlier thought that heart and cancer specialists were paid much better than GPs. But in the last 13 years during the rule of Labor party, the pay of GPs increased significantly.

But the new Government is taking a lot of austerity measures and NHS aims to save a lot of money with these steps. The new Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley is also putting a lot of responsibility on GPs. He feels that they are very crucial to the success of his plans.

The Health Secretary wants them to take lead in implementing new steps aimed at saving a lot of money. It is also felt that GPs have a very important role to play in the care and treatment of people across the country.

These doctors are also expected to take charge for hospital and community services. But experts feel that it will not be easy to persuade doctors to take charge of these services. Earlier efforts to try these have yielded mixed results.

They are also expected to provide night and weekend care services to the patients.

It is expected that these measures will be discussed by British Medical Association in its upcoming annual conference in London.

Experts feel that it will not be easy for the Government to implement these changes.