When Did You Take A Lunch Break at Your Workplace?

Physiotherapists have cautioned that bad habits in the office could put workers' health at serious risk. A new campaign has been launched by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to boost employees' health, as
28% of the Welsh workforce is working all day without taking a break, according to a research.

Health Editor Madeleine Brindley shared the new advice to keep the Welsh workforce healthy.

Many people can't afford to take a break at their workplace, because they've got too much work to do. About one-third stated that there isn't enough staff to cover the workload, so they are unable to take a break.

Working in the same position for long periods of time is one of the unhealthy habits that people develop at their workplaces, which often leads to chronic musculoskeletal disorders, such as on-going back pain, obesity, depression, cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

CSP stated that if workers and employers adopted healthier working practices, ill health can be avoided. It has managed to produce a new leaflet to help people stay fit for work.

Ann Green, chair of the CSP said, "Physiotherapists are concerned that we are becoming a nation of work-sick workers. Overworking and not taking breaks is actually costing employers and employees - it costs in health and it costs in reduced productivity and performance".