Starr Pleads Not Guilty

Kenneth Starr, the celebrity financial advisor who had clients like Wesley Snipes, Martin Scorsese and Annie Leibovitz, has pleaded not guilty after being accused of defrauding his clients of $59 million. He is also being accused of securities fraud and wire fraud by a federal ground jury and overall 23 charges have been filed against him.

All his celebrity clients have already confirmed that Starr is no longer representing them.

Starr filed the plea of not guilty though his court appointed lawyer, Sabrina Shroff. He was arrested on May 27 and is in prison since.

His assets were also frozen and the court has appointed a temporary receiver to oversee his various Companies, including Starr Investment Advisors and Starr & Co. LLC.

During the latest hearing, Starr did not talk to anyone except his attorney. He whispered with his attorney and he was dressed in blue prison clothes.

It is expected that Starr will get a new lawyer by the next week, who will then takeover the case from the current attorney.

He is being accused of running a scheme in which he defrauded his clients of nearly $59 million. He first gained the truest of his clients and then he took over complete control of their financial affairs.

Then he used his influence on his clients and cheated them of their wealth.