Mich. Woman Shoots Self to Get Medical Attention

The frustration resulting out of unemployment can at times drive an individual to commit things that otherwise would have been insane acts for him. At least that appears from an incident in Michigan where an out-of-job woman shot herself in the hope she would get medical care for a shoulder injury sustained earlier.

Kathy Myers, 41, who is a resident of Niles, injured her shoulder about a month ago while playing with her dogs. But as she was unemployed, she could not afford health insurance, thus visit a specialist for the injury was not possible for her.

Frustrated, she shot herself on Thursday.

Speaking to WSBT-TV in South Bend, Ind., Myers said "she has no suicide wish. Her life isn't great right now, but she wants to live".

While being released from the hospital a few hours later, Myers affirmed that she would never repeat such a mistake in her life ever again and that she would now be hunting for a specialist who could offer her a health insurance plan, which was within her affordance.

Meanwhile, legal authorities are yet to decide on whether to book her for her shooting act.