Health Care Bill, Too Bitter a Pill To Swallow!

Bitterness, as some call it, over the passage of the new Medicare law is not destined to end that easily, at least that seems so from the current war of words that the Government and health care critics are indulged in.

For, a debate over the White House's pick to run the Medicare, Dr. Donald Berwick, who is a Harvard professor of pediatrics, is expected to leave a bad taste.

"I think anyone who is close to this understands this debate is really not about Don Berwick, but the opportunity to re-litigate the underlying health care reforms", said John Rother, Executive Vice President for Policy and Strategy at the AARP.

In ordinary times, the nomination of somebody with Don's record and standing in the field would not be controversial, Rother pointed out.

Notably, Dr. Berwick, who is known for his criticism of a few aspects of the health care system, was adjudged as the third most powerful person in health care in 2002 by a health magazine, Modern Healthcare.

But for his critics, Berwick is a "starry-eyed health guru".

However, he has his share of supporters too. Dr. Berwick is the perfect nominee for a president whose aim has always been to save money by rationing health care, said Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, dubbing Berwick "the wrong man, wrong time, wrong job.