US Contemplates Ban on Peanuts in Flights

According to a recent report, the Federal administration is contemplating a control or a ban on peanuts being served in commercial flights.

The supporters of the ban are of the view that it will be instrumental in reducing the fears and probable harm to around 1.8 million Americans. Sources reveal that around
1.8 million people of the country are allergic to peanuts.

However, this development is a bad news to peanut farmers. CEO of the King Nut Companies, Martin Kanan, reveals that peanut is an important snack of the Americans. It is an Ohio-based Company and majority of the peanuts sold in US airlines belong to this Company.

In the previous week, the U. S. Transportation Department revealed that it is collecting information and is taking the opinions of people who are allergic to peanuts. It is also considering what food industry, medical experts and the public say regarding the administration's move.

The department had made a list of the proposals in a document. The document spans over 84 pages.

The list contained three choices. The choices were: imposing a ban on serving peanuts in all planes, prohibiting the circulation if an allergic passenger demands beforehand and having "peanut-free zone" flight. The proposal does not define the so-called flight.