Tesco Observes Mounting Market Shares

On Tuesday, Tesco observed increase in its share of the grocery market for the first time in almost two years.

According to analysis by TNS Worldpanel, the impact of Clubcard loyalty scheme in August assisted the company to a amplified rate of 4.7% - compared to 4.4% perceived by the wider market for the first time since 2007.

Tesco’s share of the market now stands at 30.7%, up from 30.6% a year ago, a consequence of growth in market shares since last two years.

Tesco sustained to cover its major rivals over the 12-week period where Morrisons illustrated the fastest growth by 8.5%. Correspondingly, screening the signs of slackening recession, the sales of up market chain Waitrose rushed forward to 12.3 percent.

Uniformly Sainsbury's conquers the third place with 15.9%, while, Wal-Mart owned Asda United is positioned as the UK number two with a market share of 17.3% in the 12 weeks to November.

In addition, for the eighth consecutive 12-week period, the grocery price inflation knocked down to 3.2 percent