Study: Men More Affected by Unsteady Relationships

A new research points out that an unsteady romantic relationship might lead to considerable stress, but opposing the traditional perception, its affect might be tougher on young men compared to young women.

Although earlier research has long recommended that unattached young women are more susceptible than men to hard times in romantic relationships, it appears that the opposite is true, according to a study by sociologists at Wake Forest University and Florida State University.

Robin Simon, PhD, a Professor at Wake Forest, and Anne Barrett, PhD, of FSU, examined the emotional responses of 1,611 single adults between the ages of 18 and 23.

The damaging strain of a rocky relationship is more liable to influence the mental health of young men than young women.

A recent end of a romantic relationship has more effect on the mental health of young women than young men.

Young women are also more psychologically affected than their romantic cohorts when it comes to being involved in a relationship or not.

On the other hand, the emotional impact of the quality of their present associations is seen more on young men.

Simon tells WebMD that young men and women are both influenced by pessimistic aspects, and by good ones, but when you observe both, emotional impact seems to be more in men in both good and bad affairs.