Staff at Fairfield Hospital Spreads Awareness about Heart Disease in Women

In an attempt to make people aware of heart diseases in women, the staff at Fairfield Hospital is going to wear red colored uniforms, today.

The staff is enthusiastically supporting the Heart Foundation's campaign, Go Red for Women.

According to Albert Shafransky, Head of Cardiology Department, the disease claims the life of a many women in the country. He further adds that more than 11,000 women become a victim to this deadly disease every year. This number is four times more than the deaths caused by breast cancer.

However, Dr. Shafransky says that there are not many women who are aware of this fact.

Dr. Shafransky revealed that majority of women are of the view that heart disease is prevalent only in men. Therefore, he stresses on the need to spread awareness about this disease in women.

Dr. Shafransky recommends women to go in for health checkups. He also urges the women to have routine checkups when they get older, as the risk of heart disease becomes greater in women after menopause.

He also gave recommendations for prevention of disease. Dr. Shafransky said that women should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. He also said that women should quit smoking in order to reduce the risk of the disease.